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I celebrated my 41st birthday this year. Peter is in full throttle in his first year at UNC Chapel Hill. Matt will be getting his license in November and pursuing adult choices with 4 college classes including a welding certification class at Craven Community Collge. Big changes. Inspired by a group of elite Marine Corps wives who are amazing friends & a friend for life, I have decided to do what I never thought I would do. Preparing to run in the Marine Corps Marathon takes a lot of training and dedication. This year, I’m humbled to be running on the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Team in the 41st Marine Corps Marathon.

As a volunteer and previous employee at Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, I can honestly attest that donated funds are used for retired and active duty servicemembers and their families while holding them financially responsible with personal accountability through budgeting, educating, and assisting with interest free loans or grants depending on their need. Imagine yourself 3000 miles away when your mom dies and you make $20,000/year with a wife and 2 children. It's difficult to buy that plane ticket. NMCRS helps. Imagine yourself widowed with limited funds to have a proper burial for the man you loved, who served his country. Imagine yourself living paycheck to paycheck, and your transmission falls out. Imagine yourself serving your country, alone, in a hostile environement, and your spouse and children do not have food because the government messed up your paycheck and your pay was 'zero pay due'. Navy Marine Corps Relief Society assists servicemembers with interest free loans and on occasion, grants to help in situations like these. They also assist with higher education and DISASTER relief as many are using right now with Hurricane Matthew in military populated areas of NC, SC, & FL.

Please consider a donation to support this wonderful charity who values individual responsibility, your freedom, and accountability.  Yes, I am asking you to support this cause and me. I know I can do this. Moreover, I know you will support me in this endeavor which is challenging, grueling, yet exhilerating to be running to support our troops. Where there is a will there is a way, and this cause will continue to inspire me. This is supporting our troops and their families. Every dollar counts towards hitting the goal, just like every step counts towards that 26.2 miles. Quitting is always an option, but it's in the choice if you do!

Discipline - doing something you dislike, but doing it like you love it!

Thank you for your support and love. Thank you for your financial sacrifice so that others can learn how to be fiscally responsbile, also!

May God Bless you always with love, peace, and happiness!

Since 1904, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has been dedicated to serving Sailors and Marines and family members during their time of need by providing grants, interest-free loans and serving as a trusted resource during life’s challenging moments.

Learn more about The Society by visiting our Facebook Page or follow @NMCRS1 on Twitter.

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Since 1904, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has been helping service members worldwide and their families when the unexpected happens.

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